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Remorse and The Difference of Regret and Repentance

Are regret and repentance the same? Are regret and repentance the same?  Many mistaken the 2 words as having a similar meaning.  With a closer look, you’ll find that this is not the case at all.  The difference of regret and repentance is quite clear. In a spiritual sense, these words actually show 2 different paths from a feeling that we all experience at times.  That feeling is the pain of remorse.  Remorse is that feeling inside you that feels sad, hurt, angry, or other emotions due to something that happened.  These feelings are almost always centered around a memory that a person wishes they could change, especially when the feeling is related to their own personal actions or inaction.  When we do something that we know we shouldn’t have done, it can be painful.  Looking back at times you should have acted but did not can prove to be

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