Deliverance for the 21st Century Church | Apostle Johnny Ova

the setting free

"The Setting Free" Sermon Series

4 Powerful Deliverance Sermons | Apostle Johnny Ova

Throughout the course of humanity, God has always made a way for His people to be delivered from the bondages in that seek to hold them captive.  In the 21st century, the Almighty Father still gives those who trust Him a path to deliverance.  But, what is deliverance? Deliverance, simply put, is victory. 

The topic of deliverance circulates throughout the Body of Christ, yet Christianity is still struggling and often confused on how to break through.  

Apostle Johnny seeks to set the record straight with a series of 4 powerful deliverance sermons.  In these timely messages, the Sr. Overseer of Sound of Heaven church breaks down true biblical concept of deliverance in a way that will be simple to grasp and apply to your life.  

This sermon series titles “The Setting Free” is sure to strengthen your faith and give you practical and sound biblical understanding on how to be delivered from your biggest stumbling blocks.

God doesn’t want you confused.  Jesus died and rose so that the power of sin and death cannot stop you.  He wants to see you free from the things that hold you back.  The best part is, that deliverance in your life doesn’t need to be a complicated process.  Unlike the central message of many deliverance sermons out there, you’ll find that God has already placed within you the power to claim victory through His Holy Spirit and the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  

So, are you ready to be set free?  Are you ready to start operating in your God ordained state of power, love, and a sound mind? (2 Tim 2:7) Those who are free in Christ are free indeed! (John 8:26)

the setting free
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Deliverance Sermon | Part 1

The Place that God has Prepared

The first of the four “The Setting Free” deliverance sermons, Apostle Johnny lays the foundations for what is true biblical deliverance.  This extremely important topic has unfortunately been distorted throughout church history, but especially in recent times.

You may have never been taught deliverance like this, but get ready.  God wants you to break the chains off of you so that you can run, not just toward but with your victory in hand.  


Deliverance for the 21st Century Church | Apostle Johnny Ova 1
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Deliverance Sermon | Part 2

Defeating the 7 Enemies to Your Promise

Truth can be difficult, but it will set you free.  We don’t fight from an earthly perspective. Our help comes from heaven.  To seek deliverance is to seek victory in a certain area of life.  

God wants you to have control over the choices you make. Adversaries will present themselves but God has already made a way.  Get excited because when you pursue the path God has made for you even the enemies you encounter have already been defeated.  

Deliverance for the 21st Century Church | Apostle Johnny Ova 2
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Deliverance Sermon | Part 3

Take it All Back and Possess What is Yours

The enemy of your soul may have robbed you, but you are about to get it all back.  Deliverance means total victory.  In part 3 of these deliverance sermons in the series “The Setting Free” you’ll find your past and present challenges don’t dictate the future.

Lost something?  Deliverance means repossessing what is rightfully yours!  Stop giving the enemy power over you.  The One True God has got your back and is ready to restore you!


Deliverance for the 21st Century Church | Apostle Johnny Ova 3
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Deliverance Sermon | Part 4

Mastering Your Mind, Reality, and Perception

As our perception of deliverance is shifted, we realize that God has empowered us to have total victory in our lives.  This challenging finale to Apostle Johnny Ova’s deliverance sermons in this series will solidify the journey to true deliverance. 

God wants to remove all filters that stop us from seeing His will.  Renew your mind.  Uncover the reality of the fullness of God’s presence in your life.  Take this newfound perception into the areas of your life and walk in the victory of your deliverance through Christ.