The Sound of Heaven Team

Why We Are So Passionate About Jesus

When you have a true encounter with Jesus Christ, your life changes forever. We want everyone to experience the joy and peace that Jesus brings to someone’s life. Sometimes it’s hard to explain, but when you experience the true Jesus, the real Jesus…nothing is ever the same. 

When we look around at the world today, many see chaos, pain, suffering, division and so much more. What we see is an opportunity. When all seems lost, Jesus brings hope. Light shines the brightest when it’s the darkest so let’s shine together.

Changing The World For JESUS

Our mission is simple, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. We want to see everyone come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ but the bigger question is how? This is what sets us apart from many churches you may have checked out. Sound of Heaven is committed to spreading the Gospel and discipling people into a healthy and fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ and there is a specific way in how we accomplish this…

The Squad

Johnny Ova

Senior Leader

Meet Johnny

Johnny's heart is for evangelism. He loves people and helping them have better relationships with Jesus. With this being said, Sound of Heaven Church is very outreach and discipleship focused as he loves seeing people encounter Jesus and then flourish in life.

Rachel Ova

Senior Leader

Meet Rachel

Rachel is a 3rd generation worship leader that is extremely passionate about leading people into a genuine worship experience with Jesus. God has gifted her and anointed her to write lyrics that change an atmosphere. Under Apostle Rachel's leadership, we have seen incredible miracles during Worship.

Jason D'Ambrosio


Meet Jason

Jason Koch D'Ambrosio is an Evangelist and part of the SOH Leadership Team. He is deeply involved in community initiatives and outreach on Long Island. His passion is preaching and teaching the Gospel in ways that are easily understood and applicable in this generation.

Chrissy D'Ambrosio


Meet Chrissy

Minister Chrissy has a heart to serve, pray, and see people set free through the love of Jesus. You'll find her and her smile in assorted roles on any given Sunday. As a loving mom of 5, she knows how to get things done while taking time to let all know that they are welcome at SOH!


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