The 2021 SOH Christmas Drive is Here!

It would be hard to imagine a time of the year that was more near and dear to our hearts than Christmas.  For many, the fondest memories of our childhood come from the anticipation of the season.  Time with family, great food, the decorations, and of course…. presents!  

We all know that the reason for the season is JESUS and not material gifts.  But, if we approach the Christmas season with the right heart, it causes us to reflect on the gifts around us that are a direct result of God’s love.  That revelation should nudge us to help others.  We are excited that this year, Sound of Heaven is positioned to help families all throughout the region make it a great Christmas!

Helping Local Families | Blessings in a Box

We are proud to announce a partnership with Keep Your Change in their “Blessings in a Box” initiative.  Keep Your Change is a local organization who primarily helps youth with educational support, tutoring, and mentoring.  

Every year, they support local shelters with a great event, gifts, and personal care items.  Nearly 800 of our neighbors, living in 9 shelters and other families in transitional housing are in need.  With COVID, there have been some challenges hosting and advancing the drive.  We are here to help!

Here are some ways that Sound of Heaven, with your support is going to make this the best year yet for these families where nearly 80% are children.  

  • We are collecting items to fill gift boxes for every man, woman, and child
  • We are hosting a festive night to pack these boxes with items donated


Here is a list of items needed!

Christmas Town at the Sound 1

And perhaps the MOST EXCITING part….

  • We are hosting “CHRISTMAS TOWN AT THE SOUND!”

What is Christmas Town at the Sound?

Christmas Town at the Sound is going to be an experience for nearly 700 of these wonderful kids and parents.  We are transforming our sanctuary into a winter wonderland.  

There will be a show around the meaning of Christmas!  Goodies, pictures with Santa, crafts, and gifts will also deliver memorable moments.  Most of all, our aim is to show these beautiful children the love of Jesus!

Will you help?

Christmas Town at the Sound 2

You can make a difference!

For some of us, we can’t imagine what it means to be home insecure for Christmas.  For others, you may know EXACTLY what these kids are going through.

Either way, you have the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of local children!  Help us make a difference.

To volunteer, click here

Have items you want to donate?  Click here

Do you want to contribute financially?  Click here

Thank you for your support to help local families for Christmas!