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in the wilderness bible part 1

Getting Through Times of Transition

In the Wilderness Bible Sermon Series

Life can be an amazing journey, but there are times where we can feel like we are wandering.  Seasons of transition are inevitable, especially after we make major decisions, have a personal breakthrough (deliverance), or commit to a deeper walk with God.

In a 3 week study titled the “In the Wilderness Bible Sermon Series”, Evangelist Jason D’Ambrosio unpacks two biblical accounts.  Early in His ministry, Jesus entered the wilderness to be tested.  Standing on the promises of God, His journey lasted 40 days and He was strengthened to complete the work on the cross.  1500 years earlier, the Israelites fled their bondage in Egypt and found themselves wandering for 40 years.  There are many similarities between the 2 journeys but the differences are what determined the length of time.  

The In the Wilderness Bible Sermon Series will challenge you to choose whether you want to excel beyond difficult life transitions.  The decisions you make when tested will lead to advancement or delay.  The choice is up to you.

If you have ever felt like God is calling you in a direction but you keep going around in circles, this is the sermon series for you.

In the Wilderness Bible Scriptures

The main scriptures found in this study are:

Matt 4:1-8

Deuteronomy 8:1-4

Deuteronomy 6:1-19

Exodus 17:1-7

in the wilderness bible part 1
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In the Wilderness Bible Sermon Series | Part 1

Hungry or Starving?

Jesus faces His first test after being drawn into the wilderness.  He was hungry.  When challenged to break His fast and succumb to His discomfort, Jesus points to the words Moses spoke to the Israelites when they.  

In our journey to our God-ordained destinations, we are all going to hit a point where we either begin to trust God or turn back to our past.

In this 1st part of the “In the Wilderness” series, we examine our own strategies in light of these Bible accounts.  Get ready to be strengthened to push through for your promise.

In the Wilderness Sermon Series | Evangelist Jason D'Ambrosio 1
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In the Wilderness Bible Sermon Series | Part 2

Can He Prove It?

The Israelites once again find themselves struggling to trust God.  They test Him and try to force God’s Hand to prove His faithfulness.  

Jesus is tempted to do the same by the devil.  He, however, takes a hard stand on trusting God’s protection over the urge to seek validation. 

When we face tough times In the wilderness, how do we stop from doubting if God is even here at all?  How do we know He is?

In the Wilderness Sermon Series | Evangelist Jason D'Ambrosio 2
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In the Wilderness Bible Sermon Series | Part 3

Just Settle Down?

If an enemy can’t stop you, they will at least seek to delay you or force a detour.  We are at times in danger of abandoning the mission that God has for us by settling for less.  

This powerful wrap up would prepare anyone for the temptation to stop short of your goals and put more trust in what the world has to offer than what God promises.

By the close of this final part of the series you will be equipped to identify the temptations in the wilderness and how to advance forward in your life’s call.


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