3 Extraordinary Church Online Platforms

church online platforms

The Breakdown

The Best Church Online Platforms To Experience Jesus In A Digital Age

Church is a very different place in this day and age. The days of attending an actual building, will always be here to stay, but are dwindling down a bit. The reason for this is that in this age of communication and information being dispersed at rates the world has never seen, people learn in many different ways. 

Now I can’t say that we saw a pandemic coming but we did see how the internet can be used as a powerful tool too quickly spread the message of Jesus. We started live streaming services and studies in 2013 and have worked tirelessly to get creative and make this experience and amazing one…possibly a better one. There are some positives and negatives about attending church online vs attending Church in person…but different doesn’t always mean worse.

Because we started doing this, when COVID-19 hit in 2020, we did not miss a beat. In fact, we are reaching more people for Jesus and getting them plugged into discipleship today then we did two years and we are excited about where the Church is going. 

I also understand the need for seeing people, hugging people, and being a part of the experience of what God does in the gatherings. There are definitely ways to get connected while watching online and each Church online platform offers different benefits. 

Statistics that back up the power in using Church online platforms to spread the Gospel

  • 44% of Christians say they would rather Worship alone than corporately and feel the online experience  allows their relationship with God to be more personal and deeper. 
  • Life Church Online, who is a pioneer in this digital movement jumped from streaming to 4.7 million devices to over 7 million devices in a 2 month time span. 
  • 60% of people prefer watching online videos then TV (2020).
  • 92% of people share videos they like on their social media platforms. 

To even better explain the power of using Church online platforms, check out this awesome infographic from livestream.com. See it below. These stats were from 2017. They have now almost tripled.

church online platform livestream stats

The top 3 online Church platforms to experience a powerful service...according to us 🙂

1.Facebook LIVE

You have a built in audience ready to be notified when you go live. Facebook started out a bit slow, but has definitely picked up the slack over the last 12-18 months. You are able to push livestream from live streaming platforms or livestream right from their platform. You can like the videos, share the videos, chat with members, collect follow up information, receive donations and so much more. Imagine if you had 100 people watch and share your live feed to their 1000 friends. WOW, that is quick exposure. Facebook is one of my favorite Church online platforms. 

2.Instagram LIVE

Yes another social media platform. The reason is because you already have a set audience waiting to watch and hear what you have to say. With video taking over Social Media, it is so easy to stream your service or even cut up clips and share them…and have people share them. Just because people are watching online doesn’t mean they are not “really at service.” They are and they are listening and we as the Church have to do better in serving them. 

3.Church Online Platform

I mentioned Life Church online above and how they are dominating this market. They even created an online Church platform for other churches to use to spread the gospel and we LOVE IT! Not only can you set up your cameras and soundboard to to stream through there but you can push it to almost every platform imaginable. I will link a sermon below so you can see how it looks!