Here is a list of resources by topic

End Times

  1.  Dr Jonathan Welton- Raptureless
    ***Also available on Audible and Kindle
  2. Johnny Ova (Youtube Video)- The Nature of the Kingdom
  3. Ed Stevens- The Decade Before The End and PDF download
  4. Dr Ken Gentry (Youtube Video)- The Beast of Revelation Identified
  5. RC Sproul (Book)- The Last Days According To Jesus
  6. David Chilton (Book)- Paradise Restored
  7. Dr Jonathan Welton- Understanding The Seven Churches Of Revelation
  8. Johnny Ova- When was Revelation written?
  9. Johnny Ova- What is Revelation all about?
  10. Johnny Ova- Biblical time statements explain the end
  11. Johnny Ova- Matthew 24 explained verse by verse
  12. Johnny Ova- What is the Mark of the Beast? 

5 Fold Ministry

  1.  Alan Hirsch (book)- A Permanent Revolution


  1.  Luther– Joseph Fiennes (Movie)