Attending Church Online | 2 Definitive Ways To Stay Connected

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The Breakdown

You don't have to feel lost When Attending Church Online

I know I am not the only one who has heard this before and I totally understand. Attending Church in person seems normal because it is what we are used to but attending Church online is a whole new ball game.

You may be used to waking up and getting the family together to head to Church and be welcomed by the beautiful smiles of your Church greeters. Having the Usher sit you guys down in your seat for an amazing service. 

You can still be a part of an amazing service while attending Church online, you just have to do a few things differently. Life Church online does this better than almost anyone. It is a Church that the Church in this hour should try to pull from.

The #1 pushback I get from attending Church online is that some people say that “It’s not the same.” They are right! It isn’t the same, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. In fact, there are many ways it can be better! I recently wrote an article on the pros and cons of watching Church online.

With all of this being said, one of the most important parts about going to Church is the connection. How can you stay connecting while attending Church online? I have the answer for you! There are 2 things you have to discipline yourself to do and you will get the most out of your online Church experience. 

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Definitive Ways To Stay Connected While Attending Church Online

1. Show Up and Engage

That seems simple right :-). Imagine going to Church and sitting in the back being distracted by your phone, not engaging in Worship or paying attention to the Word. How can you possible have received anything from that experience? 

The same goes for attending Church online. Although it is convenient, it can also make you lazy. Although you can make it personal, it can also keep you isolated. There is a very thin line to walk BUT that choice is up to you.

You need to show up and log on when your Church is online. Engage in the Worship by typing in the chat what God is putting on your heart. Also, remove all of the distractions and pay attention to the Word…take notes. If you have to get dressed up to change the atmosphere and expectation…do it! 

2. Reach Out. They are there for you!

This may be a hard one but again, things are different. As a Pastor myself, when a member comes in I can see on their face if they are going through something. You can see the way they carry themselves. You can’t do that online. I can’t see your expressions and I also can not see how you are engaging. If not led by the Holy Spirit, the only way we as a Church would know that you are struggling is to reach out and tell someone. 

Your Church should be developing programs, Bible Studies, ways to volunteer and serve the community. We strive very hard to accomplish this and I also know that Life Church online does a great job too. While your attending Church online, make sure you are reaching out to your Church leaders as your Church leaders should also be checking in on you. 

Some of the ways Sound of Heaven keeps people connected all over the world to our online Church is:

I understand that these can be trying times. Every Church leader is trying to navigate through unchartered territories. With that being said these are the pivotal moments in history where the Church has the opportunity to shine so bright. We saw this take place with the printing press and now we are living in an age in history where communication has never been easier and there has never been so many ways to communicate. 

Whether you are attending Church in person or are attending Church online we need to embrace the reality and all of the possibilities that the Digital Church can provide. We have never had the means to so quickly spread the Word of God across the world.