Sound of Heaven Radio is LIVE Every Wednesday & Friday at 6pm on 103.9 FM

Passionate. Real. Authentic. Controversial. Inspiring. These are all words that are often used to describe Sound of Heaven Radio. Apostle Johnny Ova is your host and is on live every Tuesday at 3pm. Johnny teaches right from the Word and tackles some of the hardest questions asked about God. He also takes LIVE callers during the show and encourages  you to call in. We would love to hear your thoughts. Again, we are LIVE every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm EST on 103.9 LI NEWS RADIO.

Listen live every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm via the player below.

soh radio johnnyova
Johnny at the 103.9 FM LI NEWS radio station at MacArthur Airport Hosting LIVE

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At Sound of Heaven radio we are incredibly passionate about making the love of Jesus known to all. We are LIVE every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm on 103.9 fm LI NEWS RADIO. The show is hosted by Apostle Johnny Ova, the Pastor of The Sound of Heaven church which is located in Deer Park, NY. Don't forget to stay in touch by signing up for our newsletter or by downloading our APP!


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