The Fight to Stop Sex Trafficking on Long Island

The Fight to Stop Sex Trafficking on Long Island 1

Sex Trafficking: The Epidemic on Long Island and Beyond

The case against Jeffrey Epstein and his controversial “suicide” has reminded us of a sinister truth.  Human sex trafficking is alive, real and unfortunately seemingly difficult to thwart and prosecute.  For most people, it’s natural to watch the news and absolutely feel disgusted.  Yet, we feel distant from this epidemic, as if it was happening far away.  On the contrary, human sex trafficking is closer than you think.  It is nothing short of slavery and chances are, it is happening within a few short miles (or less) from where you are. Yes, you reading this article.  When it comes to sex trafficking, Long Island is rampant.

Long Island Sex Trafficking Hits All-Time High

Long Island Sex Trafficking SeminarSeveral months ago, Sound of Heaven church invited the non-profit Long Island Against Trafficking (LIAT) to educate the community on a very real danger in our own back yard.  Our local human sex trafficking statistics were staggering.  We need to band together to stop it because if not us, then who? Learn more about LIAT Whether you live on Long Island or not, the seminar in this article is going to be life-changing.  It is full of great information, including human sex trafficking statistics for Long Island, the U.S. as well as, on an international scale.  Listen to it and contact us.  Let’s band together and find a way to end this.Sound of Heaven Church believes that every life has immense value in the eyes of God.  There is no room for injustice and exploitation of any person, which absolutely includes human sex trafficking.   We seek to partner with organizations and community leaders to help improve the world around us.  This starts on Long Island because that is where God has allowed us to be.  It also spans beyond this region. Have a passion to change the world?  Do you know of a need in our communities? Let’s connect and see about making a difference, together!

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