My Author–The Perfect Editor By Russ Sacco

My Author–The Perfect Editor By Russ Sacco 1

My Author is the Perfect Editor.

I have been, and still am, blessed because my life is authored by my Creator. For more than two months, I have been experiencing a medical issue testing faith and trust in Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith (Heb. 12:2).

It’s not that I don’t believe, or that I haven’t trusted. On the contrary, I know that signs and wonders follow believers (Mark 16:17), and nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37). I have prayed and held onto scriptures that confirm God’s healing—the truth of His Word—and I maintained an attitude expecting His supernatural intervention to be manifested.

But, God’s ways are just not mine (Isa. 55:8-9). He used this medical event to focus my attention more clearly on Him—my author. According to Webster, an author originates or creates something—usually a story. The author knows every detail creating the story from beginning to end. The Bible identifies Jesus as the author and finisher, and why not? He was present at the creation when God said “Let us make man in our image” (Gen. 1:26).

“I have been, and still am, blessed because my life is authored by my Creator.”

Author and Finisher

The original Greek word for “author” refers to a chief leader, author, captain, or prince. The original language for “finisher” refers to mental and moral character, completeness, and perfection. I know we can all use some of that.

Even though we all have a measure of faith (Rom. 12:3), it is Jesus who is the finisher of that faith. But here is the issue. We often think we can write a better story than our author. Even when we are relying on scripture and faithfully trusting God to fulfill His promises, we can be less than surrendered, expecting God to do something the way we want especially when it conforms to His Word. I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand on the truth of His Word, but He is still Sovereign. He doesn’t have to do anything the way we expect. Maybe we should let Him surprise us.

“Even though we all have a measure of faith, it is Jesus who is the finisher of that faith”

God has helped me to see my shortcomings in this area during this time of testing. I believe He can do anything, even a creative miracle. New body parts are absolutely possible and have been medically documented. God’s resources are limitless, but when we don’t see the answers we want, does it mean He is not hearing our prayers?

Absolutely not! He hears everything and knows the plans He has for each one of us (Jer. 29:11). But when we assert our own intellect, hopes, and plans, we cause the author to have to alter the story to get us exactly where we need to be so He can be the finisher of our faith. Remember, He knows the end, and He wants even more than we do to empower us to fulfill His plans—His completeness for our lives in this earthly realm.

Reflect, Submit, and Trust

So, I have had ample time to reflect, submit, and trust—perhaps more than any other time in my life. Did I want to have to go through these trials? Absolutely not! That’s why I continued to stand firmly on God’s faithful promises, but He decided to fulfill them differently than my intellect expected.

If I didn’t align with His plan, I would not have had to bare my soul before those God placed in my path. I wouldn’t have had opportunities to pray in the presence of doctors and medical professionals, which I did often—even prayed for them before the medical procedure. God wouldn’t have had the chance to show me His enduring love through my church family who prayed, called, sent cards as well as spiritual and physical food. Friends, family, and others have all interceded in faith on my behalf.

Do I know how God has used these moments? No, but I know God is encouraging all in their Christian walk. I pray that everyone will have renewed faith and trust as prayers are answered. He has taught me to expand my trust so He could totally have His way. If I truly want to be used by Him, I have to let Him fashion the instrument according to His needs, and that means me.

“If I didn’t align with His plan, I would not have had to bare my soul before those God placed in my path.”

I certainly am reminded of Jesus, who prayed before His Calvary ordeal asking whether the cup could pass, but ultimately submitting “…yet not my will but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42)

That’s what I have had to do. I wish I could say I did it willingly, but with God’s grace, I was able to come through emotional moments when I prayed through tears—not tears of doubt, but tears of expectation.

So, God has reaffirmed His love, which is far beyond anything I can understand. He always wants what is best for us. If we can just let Jesus be the author and finisher of our measure of faith, He will ensure that our life story is written as He intended to accomplish His purposes. The end will be in line with His authorship, not our deviations.

Maybe our lives are written like a poem, but our actions have thrown a few lines out of rhyme. Thankfully, our author knows how to reset the rhyme. Maybe we caused a few chapters to break cadence. Our author knows the chronological order for every life event, and is faithful to rewrite them.

When we allow Jesus to be our author and finisher, we are assured that our life story will be complete, a blessing to read, and a heavenly “reward-winning” story.

Take time to let the author of our lives have His way. He does know every detail and has carefully crafted every chapter and verse. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness, never leaving or forsaking us (Heb. 13:5) in any circumstance. Not one detail goes unnoticed. I am blessed by my author. How about you?


Written by Russ Sacco

Russ Sacco
Russ Sacco is a Reverend and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Russ has been a vital Member and Usher of Sound of Heaven Church for several years. He is quick to minister a timely word of encouragement, use the amazing singing voice God gave him in worship, and is seen distributing anointing oil prior to service. We are grateful that God brought Russ to Sound of Heaven, where he is a cherished member of our family.