2018 Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner at Sound of Heaven

2018 Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner was a huge success! 1It was a beautiful day at Sound of Heaven this past Saturday, November 17th.  We honored our local heroes with a wonderful Thanksgiving-worthy meal from Zorn’s in  Bellmore.  Thank you to our Veterans who graciously spent your time with us. Perhaps the greatest compliment we could have received came from a man named Robert.  Robert was a Korean War Veteran.  He said…

“Today was beautiful.  You know what made it so beautiful?  It was that everything was just so sincere.”

2018 Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner was a huge success! 2Thank you, Robert!  That means so much. Thank you to all of our volunteers!  We had many from the local community.  Some setup,  others served, cleaned, greeted or simply encouraged.  We had amazing testimonies shared and a wonderful performance from the Flower Girls. Together we made it a special day by expressing the love of God with a sincere heart.  I am so proud of the SOH Family, including our newfound friends in those from the surrounding community who volunteered to make a difference. Love you all!   Sincerely, The Leadership Team at Sound of Heaven