Can I give my tithe to the poor instead of church?

Tithing to poor

Christians to ask the question, “Can I give my tithe to the poor instead of church”. It’s a valid question.  In this article, we look at tithing from a biblical perspective to clarify if giving directly to the poor aligns with God’s overall plan for our lives.

SOH Thanksgiving Drive 2023

Thanksgiving drive

2023 SOH ThanksgivingTurkey Drive Partner with us to help local families! In 2022, many of you partnered with us to feed over 70 families on Thanksgiving.  Thank you!  This year, we are aiming to again help families in the Town of Babylon and throughout Long Island.  Will you partner with us?  Thanksgiving is a special […]

What Does Heaven Look Like? The Unimaginable Paradise

Heaven looks like Header

Did you ever wonder “What does Heaven look like”? It’s a question that has been pondered in every generation. There are similarities across culture beliefs and details that surpass our imaginations in the Bible.

Remorse: The Difference of Regret and Repentance

Repentance Over Regret

What You’re Gonna Learn Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Are Regret And Repentance The Same? Are regret and repentance the same?  Many mistaken the 2 words as having a similar meaning.  With a closer look, you’ll find that this is not the case at all.  The difference of regret and repentance is quite clear. In a […]

Urgent: More Families Need Help This Thanksgiving | Drive 2022

Thanksgiving drive

SOH Thanksgiving Drive 2020 Needs Additional Help Thanks so much to all who have helped us feed families in the Town of Babylon.  We have just uncovered additional needs to provide for 40 families that are on a waiting list for help this Thanksgiving. Please consider partnering with us and the Town of Babylon […]

Trees, God, and the Cedar of Lebanon Tree

Cedar of Lebanon tree

The Bible, Science, and the Study of Trees What You’ll Learn Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email I recently watched a couple of documentaries regarding the work of two forestry ecologists studying the various abilities of trees, including how they communicate. One doesn’t usually think much about trees; they’re just part of the landscape. After learning many […]

What is Behemoth in the Bible?

behemoth bible

The Behemoth bible account in Job 40 gives us insight into an incredible creature. But was it real? Is it an animal that we all know of or perhaps a prehistoric beast. What is behemoth in the bible?

Do Short People Go to Heaven? Yes, People are Actually Wondering.

Do Short People go to heaven

What You’re Gonna Learn Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Are Short people in Heaven? It’s a real concern. Really. This is an interesting one. In my research into all the deep theological questions that get put into Google search engines, I came across a real surprise.  Thousands of people a month wonder something I have never […]

What does it mean that God is Light?

God is light

What You’ll Learn Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email An attribute of God is that He is Light The Bible shares many amazing characteristics of God.  One way that He is described is that God is Light.  Light, of course, is a vital part of our lives.  As obvious as that statement sounds, you can argue that […]