The Roman Guard | Evidence For The Resurrection

The Roman Guard | Evidence For The Resurrection 1

The Roman Guard One of the most intriguing facts of the resurrection that is often overlooked are the facts concerning the guards that were to watch the tomb where Jesus was buried. I want to start with a little background from professor Albert Roper in the book, “Did Jesus rise from the dead?” Here is […]

Who Created God?

Who Created God? 2

Who Created God? When searching out the existence of a Higher Power, many questions come to mind.  A very common question among the curious individual and the skeptic alike is around how the existence of a Creator “came about”.  If God created everything, then who created God? You may even be a Christian and pondered […]

SOH Testimony – Alina

SOH Testimony - Alina 3

Sound of Heaven Testimony – Alina After Alina’s mom began following Sound of Heaven all the way from Japan, she

SOH Testimony – Willie

SOH Testimony - Willie 5

Sound of Heaven Testimony – Willie Like many young adults, Willie wonders where life will take him. He grew up

SOH Testimony – Grace

SOH Testimony - Grace 6

Sound of Heaven Testimony – Grace Grace was looking for a Long Island church where she could do more more

SOH Testimony – Kevin

SOH Testimony - Kevin 8

Sound of Heaven Testimony – Kevin Kevin attended his first SOH service on Easter in 2017. He felt welcomed and

If Not You, Then Who?

If Not You, Then Who? 10

A Community Comes Together On Monday, August 5th, Sound of Heaven was honored to contribute to a candlelight vigil being