5 Biblical Life Lessons from Geese

Canadian Geese facts Silly Goose

“You Silly Goose!” | Here are 5 Life Lessons from Geese Actually, God didn’t make you or anyone else a silly goose. In truth, we can learn 5 important life lessons from geese, especially when we watch them fly overhead in formation. The source of our Canadian geese facts comes from the research of Rev. […]

If Not You, Then Who?

If Not You, Then Who? 1

A Community Comes Together On Monday, August 5th, Sound of Heaven was honored to contribute to a candlelight vigil being

The Cracked Pot

The Cracked Pot 2

The Cracked Pot Here is an article based upon the moral, “The Cracked Pot” by Russ Sacco Don’t Underestimate a

2019 Ordination Service

2019 Ordination Service 6

2019 Ordination Service Highlights- 1/26/19 The Presbytery of Sound of Heaven Church, accompanied by special guest Apostle Yolanda Powell, was blessed