What Once Was God, May No Longer Be God…LET GO!

What Once Was God, May No Longer Be God...LET GO! 1

Facebook Live by Sound of Heaven founder, Johnny Ova

Ever ask “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?”

I certainly have. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I was trying hard, going to church, trying to “live Holy”, yet I could not figure it out. Relationships were going sour and the once exciting Christian walk I had begun to get…well…boring. That frightened me! Then I had this great awakening one day! The Lord had whispered in my ear in a quiet moment of desperation, “You are holding on to things way too long. I had given them to you for a season, not a lifetime. Let Go…I HAVE BETTER!” I had jumped up out of my seat that I had finally gotten the answer until it dawned on me…what do I have to let go? Could this be why I am stuck? Could this be why God didn’t answer my prayers? Many times in life, God gives you things to get you on track or simply because He is blessing you. The problem comes when we hold onto those things way past the expiration date. God may have given you that job, but he may have only given you that for a season…because He has better. It makes me think of the Bible stories of the New Testament. Those Pharisees just couldn’t come to terms that their Messiah had finally come and God was doing something new. Their biggest stumbling block was the very Temple that God had given them to worship in and because of their refusal to accept the new many of them missed out on the “promotion”, where God no longer dwells inside a building, but in the hearts of man!
Acts 7:48- “However, the Most High does not live in houses made by human hands…”