Apostle Johnny Ruffles Some Religious Feathers

Viewer demands “Wash Your Mouth Out With Strong Soap”

Well, we all know that Apostle Johnny doesn’t hold back.  In a recent Facebook Live post, he had some strong words around some of the disadvantages of “organized religion”.  A disturbed viewer missed the point and returned with some harsh and, quite frankly, comical criticism.  Pardon the apparent profanity (below) and the minimal attempt to censor it by Apostle Johnny’s latest critic. Apostle Johnny's Facebook Live Makes Some Mad 1 If you are around Sound of Heaven for any period of time, you’ll find out that we love our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout all denominations.  That doesn’t mean that all facets of institutional religion are beneficial. Until Christians focus more on a personal relationship with God over repetitive religious traditions, the church will never be as powerful as it can be.  Let’s all pray for Ron! Having these conversations will, unfortunately, spark some heated response.  Nonetheless, we will continue to be bold in our belief that this generation will be the one that exchanges tradition for a deeper walk with God. Jesus Himself dealt with the backlash of shifting mindsets from religious to a relationship mindset.  Check out this article from our blog to see an example.

Blinded By Tradition – John 9 Bible Study

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