Dealing With Miscarriage | 3 Powerful Things to Know

Dealing With Miscarriage | 3 Powerful Things to Know 1

Dealing with Miscarriage – Apostles Rachel and John Slionski

A Testimony of Healing

Dealing with a miscarriage is perhaps one of the most difficult times anyone can experience.  Emotional recovery can take a considerable amount of time beyond your body getting back to normal.  In December of 2018, our own Senior Leaders apostles John and Rachel experienced the loss of a baby in the womb.  That baby’s name was Jude.  Jude is now in the arms of Jesus. As the 5th Slionski baby, the news was met with great joy.  Sadly, the anticipation and excitement of pregnancy were cut short.  At 15 weeks, they were now dealing with miscarriage. The young and vibrant family faced the realization that Baby Jude would not join them in this world.  Jude would wait for them in the glory of eternity with the Father.  Even as leaders of a local church, where usually they were the ones comforting others, the Slionski family faced a test.  However, it was a test that would make them stronger.

Life through Death – Dealing with Miscarriage

Tribute to Baby Jude

Apostles John and Rachel went through all of the emotions that so many dealing with miscarriage experience.  Still, they relied on their faith because even though they didn’t understand the “why?”.  God was in control.  Supported by loving friends and family, they pressed in, proving their trust in God.  The true measure of our faith is brought to light when we face difficult circumstances.  Thankfully, the couple led by example. Apostle Rachel reached out to a SOH Core Member, Melissa. Similarly, she herself was expecting.  Melissa choreographs dance routines and serves in the ministry.

Having many times been there walking with Melissa through her own personal growth, Apostle Rachel would now rely on her.  Ultimately, she asked Melissa to help plan a tribute that would be worthy of life loved so much although gone too soon. Certainly, this was an important request.  Melissa accepted and together they choreographed this beautiful routine.  In this video, you will be inspired that even though you may be dealing with miscarriage, you can be strong.  You can make it through.

Things to consider when dealing with a miscarriage…

  1. You are not alone.

    Studies show that 15% – 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.  This is not in any way, shape, or form to diminish how you feel.  A miscarriage is difficult, but that is why you should not tackle your feelings alone.  Talk about it with the people you love because surprisingly you will uncover that many other people have experienced the same thing.  Talking about it allows you to get your feelings out.  Lastly, if you find your feelings to be overwhelming or if you are having thoughts of despair, seek professional counseling. Having the courage to reach out to someone is not an act of weakness.  In fact, it is a very strong way to take steps toward recovery. Need to talk.  Let us help.  Contact Sound of Heaven and one of our compassionate core members will be here for you.

  2. It is not your fault.

    Many women have lingering feelings of guilt when dealing with miscarriage.  It is a natural reaction to try and channel your grief and you, yourself, are an easy target.  Your miscarriage is not your fault.  There are so many factors that can cause a loss like this.  The overwhelming majority are caused by complications that your body recognizes and reacts to as part of it’s design.  As difficult as it is, trust that God has a plan to protect you.  There are so many myths out there ranging from drinking coffee to being anxious that tout certain lifestyle behaviors as factors in a miscarriage.  Many are not true at all and, more times than not, it is the presence of abnormalities.  This fact makes it highly likely that nothing could have prevented what happened. If you feel guilt or shame, talk to somebody.  We have had several women in our church deal with this exact issue.  Want to talk to someone who understands?  Contact Sound of Heaven

  3. You will make it through.

    Don’t give up. The majority of women who go through dealing with miscarriage continue to have normal pregnancies and healthy children.  This fact may not bring immediate relief, but we want to encourage you to keep going.  Surround yourself with support.  Grow closer to God through prayer.  Like Apostle Rachel, think of doing something as a tribute to your unborn child.  Consider these ideas like, getting a tattoo, constructing or purchasing something to commemorate your little angel, or finding creative ways to express your thoughts and feelings.  Ultimately, healing doesn’t have to mean forgetting or pretending it didn’t happen.  It just may be that the strength you build through this difficult time will be a beacon of hope for someone else who is dealing with a miscarriage.  Remember, you will make it through.

One last testimony of encouragement when dealing with miscarriage

Before Apostles, Johnny and Rachel went through this tough time.  My wife and I also found ourselves dealing with miscarriage.  We suffered the loss of twins just 18 months before.  Our Sound of Heaven Church family, friends, and relatives were there for us.  While nothing could have prepared us, having the support helped us get through. After some time, we began trying to get pregnant again.  Thank God, we found ourselves expecting within the next few months and on April 30th, 2018 held our beautiful girl Juliana Luz (Lulu) for the first time. Hopefully, this will bring you some comfort.  Today when my wife and I hold baby Lulu, we can’t help but have a peace that surpasses all understanding.  We look at this little girl and deep within us know that she is meant to be here.  If we had not gone through that tragic event, it would have altered the course of our lives.  As painful as it was to lose those 2 beautiful souls, I wouldn’t trade Little Lulu for anything. Even when we don’t understand why things happen, God has a plan.  When tragedy strikes and unexplained circumstances leave us troubled, God has a plan.  Dealing with a miscarriage is never easy. It is never planned, however, trusting God and the support of others will help you heal and one day realize that despite the proverbial bumps in the road, life is a journey that you can handle

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