How To Study The Bible | 3 MUST KNOW Tips

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Table of Contents As a Pastor, I get asked the question, “Can you help me learn how to study the Bible?” all of the time. So many people give different opinions on how to study the Bible and give lots of advice on how to  study the Bible in a variety of ways. Some of the […]

What’s Next

Your Next Steps… We hope you enjoyed this journey learning more about Sound of Heaven. I hope you are as excited about everything God has done and is doing as we are in sharing it. We know God has huge things in store and we would love for you to join us in this revolution […]

Worship & The Word

Why we do what we do Worship Worship is the heartbeat of everything we do. What we do in our song services should be an overflow of our lifestyle of Worship (Romans 12:1-2). When we sing songs to God we are totally emptying ourselves of all of our flesh. All of our worries, cares and […]

What is Foundations

Sound of Heaven Foundations Course What is this course about? The Sound of Heaven foundations course is a training you need to sign up for. It is 100% free and such a benefit for everyone who registers. Once you sign up, you are paired with one of Sound of Heaven’s CORE members. We will connect […]

Our History

The History of The Sound of Heaven So now you get to learn about where it all started at Sound of Heaven. SOH was founded by our leaders, Apostles Johnny & Rachel Ova. God had a plan for them bigger than they could’ve imagined. Let us briefly introduce you to them. Johnny Ova is a […]

3 Extraordinary Church Online Platforms

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The Breakdown The Best Church Online Platforms To Experience Jesus In A Digital Age Church is a very different place in this day and age. The days of attending an actual building, will always be here to stay, but are dwindling down a bit. The reason for this is that in this age of communication […]

Attending Church Online | 2 Definitive Ways To Stay Connected

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The Breakdown You don’t have to feel lost When Attending Church Online I know I am not the only one who has heard this before and I totally understand. Attending Church in person seems normal because it is what we are used to but attending Church online is a whole new ball game. You may […]

3 Profound Pros and Cons Of The Future Church Online

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The Breakdown Is Church online the way of the future? The simple answer is an outstanding YES, but the thing is that Church online was always going to be the way of the future whether the Coronavirus pandemic hit or it didn’t, it just came a bit faster.  We as people are always hesitant to […]



Who is Beelzebub? So who is Beelzebub? There is so many questions surrounding the identity of Beelzebub. Some believe it is another name for satan, others just a demon, and some believe it is just a Philistine deity. Let’s break this down a bit further. Beelzebub is the Greek translation of the name “baal-zebub”. Sounds […]

What is Agape love?

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What is Agape Love? The Love of God When thinking about love you naturally think about a lot of things. We think of the loving our parents, our spouse, our kids, our friends, bologna and cheese sandwiches (that’s all Jason…haha!) Even though we use the same word, love, to describe all of these situations it […]