3 Extraordinary Church Online Platforms

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The Breakdown The Best Church Online Platforms To Experience Jesus In A Digital Age Church is a very different place in this day and age. The days of attending an actual building, will always be here to stay, but are dwindling down a bit. The reason for this is that in this age of communication […]

Attending Church Online | 2 Definitive Ways To Stay Connected

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The Breakdown You don’t have to feel lost When Attending Church Online I know I am not the only one who has heard this before and I totally understand. Attending Church in person seems normal because it is what we are used to but attending Church online is a whole new ball game. You may […]

3 Profound Pros and Cons Of The Future Church Online

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The Breakdown Is Church online the way of the future? The simple answer is an outstanding YES, but the thing is that Church online was always going to be the way of the future whether the Coronavirus pandemic hit or it didn’t, it just came a bit faster.  We as people are always hesitant to […]



Who is Beelzebub? So who is Beelzebub? There is so many questions surrounding the identity of Beelzebub. Some believe it is another name for satan, others just a demon, and some believe it is just a Philistine deity. Let’s break this down a bit further. Beelzebub is the Greek translation of the name “baal-zebub”. Sounds […]

What is Agape love?

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What is Agape Love? The Love of God When thinking about love you naturally think about a lot of things. We think of the loving our parents, our spouse, our kids, our friends, bologna and cheese sandwiches (that’s all Jason…haha!) Even though we use the same word, love, to describe all of these situations it […]

What Does Selah Mean?

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Have you ever read Psalms and thought to yourself, “What does selah mean?” The word selah is found in only two books of the Bible. It is found in the psalms 71 times and it’s also found in the book of Habakkuk chapter 3, but only three times. I remember as a new Christian reading […]

What is the Romans Road to Salvation?

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The Romans Road to Salvation The Romans Road to salvation is a little tagline that was made up to help people understand the power of salvation in a easy way. Verses from the book of Romans are used to explain the need for salvation, how God gave us salvation, how we can receive salvation, and […]

How Did Judas Die?

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So…How did Judas Die? Believe it or not, one of the biggest questions from skeptics of the Bible has to do with the death of Judas. The claim is that the Bible, which is supposedly the perfect and infallible Word of God, has a major contradiction. So let’s look at the two verses in question […]

The Roman Guard | Evidence For The Resurrection

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The Roman Guard & Evidence for the Resurrection One of the most intriguing pieces of evidence for the resurrection that is often overlooked is the facts concerning the guards that were to watch the tomb where Jesus was buried. I want to start with a little background from professor Albert Roper in the book, “Did […]

Can A Woman Be A Pastor?

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So, Can a Woman Be a Pastor? You May Be Surprised! A deep dive into women in church leadership. Can a woman be a Pastor?  Honestly, this is one of the hottest topics when it comes to Christianity. You have women trying to break out into what they believe their calling is and others limiting […]