Remorse and The Difference of Regret and Repentance

Remorse and The Difference of Regret and Repentance 1

Are regret and repentance the same? Are regret and repentance the same?  Many mistaken the 2 words as having a similar meaning.  With a closer look, you’ll find that this is not the case at all.  The difference of regret and repentance is quite clear. In a spiritual sense, these words actually show 2 different […]

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Matthew 24 Explained

matt 24 explained

Every single time there is an earthquake, rumor of a war, the rising of a political party one doesn’t like, the prophecies about Matthew 24 start flying. Matthew 24 has to be the most quoted chapter of the Bible when it comes to end times prophecies. In the original text there are no divisions in regards to chapters, […]

What is Behemoth in the Bible?

behemoth bible

The Behemoth bible account in Job 40 gives us insight into an incredible creature. But was it real? Is it an animal that we all know of or perhaps a prehistoric beast. What is behemoth in the bible?

When Was The Book Of Revelation Written? And Why It Matters!

when was revelation written main

ANSWER: The Book of Revelation was written around 68-69 AD by the Apostle John on the Island of Patmos after the Emperor Nero exiled him for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is some speculation that Emperor Domitian was the one that sent John to Patmos, but some evidences say otherwise. Overview Does The […]

Do Short People Go to Heaven? Yes, People are Actually Wondering.

Do Short People go to heaven

Are Short people in Heaven? It’s a real concern. Really. This is an interesting one. In my research into all the deep theological questions that get put into Google search engines, I came across a real surprise.  Thousands of people a month wonder something I have never personally considered.  Do short people go to heaven? […]

Is Jesus Coming Soon? Why the Biblical Time Statements Matter

Jesus is coming soon

Overview How soon is soon? Is Jesus Coming Soon? Biblical Time Statements Time Statement Definitions 101 Imminency Scriptures How Soon Is Soon? Jesus is coming soon! How many times have we heard the Jesus is Coming Soon warning? It seems like every generation believed that Jesus was coming “soon” during their own lifetime. Then, after […]

What is the book of Revelation all about? Revelation Easily Explained!

What is the book of Revelation all about

The Book of Revelation Summary The Revelation was written by the Apostle John on the Island of Patmos in or around 68-69 AD John wrote the book of Revelation in Apocalyptic language John wrote The Book Of Revelation to Seven Churches in Asia Minor during the first century John was alive during the Tribulation John […]

What does it mean that God is Light?

God is light

An attribute of God is that He is Light The Bible shares many amazing characteristics of God.  One way that He is described is that God is Light.  Light, of course, is a vital part of our lives.  As obvious as that statement sounds, you can argue that light is a gift that is easy […]