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Thanks for checking out the Sound of Heaven Church today. We are located in Deer Park, NY but each week we broadcast to thousands of people throughout the world. 

Our mission is simple, love God and love people. We are a Church that is excited to see people set free and flourishing in their life. 

All are welcome at Sound of Heaven and we have something for everyone. Rich and powerful worship partnered with dynamic teaching and preaching makes us stand out from the crowd. This world desperately needs to know and understand what the power of Jesus is all about and we are excited to show them.

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matt 24 explained
Johnny Ova
Matthew 24 Explained

Every single time there is an earthquake, rumor of a war, the rising of a political party one doesn’t like, the prophecies about Matthew 24

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jesus coming in the clouds
Bible Studies
Johnny Ova
Jesus Coming In The Clouds?

Table of Contents Jesus Coming In The Clouds…what does it mean? There are so many prophecies, dreams and visions surrounding the Second Coming of Jesus

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behemoth bible
Bible Studies
Jason D'Ambrosio
What is Behemoth in the Bible?

The Behemoth bible account in Job 40 gives us insight into an incredible creature. But was it real? Is it an animal that we all know of or perhaps a prehistoric beast. What is behemoth in the bible?

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Arriving early to help set the coffee bar with food and other refreshments. Getting the seats ready for people you never met to fill them. Being called aunt or uncle, brother or sister when you’re not related. These are just a few ways you know you’re no longer a guest — you’re family.

Our families are the people who know us intimately. At Sound of Heaven Church, serving together is one of the many ways we become no ordinary family. As we serve each other, we create a deeper connection with God and with each other. We discover the spiritual gifts that were created within, and we partner with Jesus in blessing others.

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