Sound of Heaven Foundations Course

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What is this course about?

The Sound of Heaven foundations course is a free course you need to sign up for. It is 100% free and such a benefit for everyone who takes the course. Once you sign up, you are paired with one of Sound of Heaven’s CORE members. We will pair you with someone you will be able to relate to, the best we can. A CORE member is someone at Sound of Heaven who has made a decision to be more involved at SOH. They want to help people and continue the vision God has for His Church. 

When you have signed up, you will meet with the person you will be doing the course with and decide upon a day and time you will meet (in person or digitally) for one hour. Each week you will go over a topic based on the Church, The Bible, or your life. You will learn a lot about the Bible, have any questions you may have answered and make a cool new friend! We encourage you strongly to take advantage of this opportunity. Click the button below to sign up and watch your life transform!


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