Vida Prophet 1

At about 8 years old, I moved from Freeport, New York to Albany New York with my mom. I went to a Catholic School and was very active in church all the way up until high school and then I didn’t go to church much anymore. During my childhood, I watched my mother struggle to give me everything that she could afford and I always purposed in my heart that when I grew up and had children, I wouldn’t be a single mom and struggle the way my mom did because that just broke my heart watching her be alone pouring her life into me struggling. I went to college, got a job, then got pregnant with my son. And because I decided long ago I wasn’t going to be a single mom, I got married.  Soon pregnant with my second child, I was already working two jobs, taking care of my son and the household (my ex left his checks at OTB), I knew I couldn’t take care of another child and all of us. Reluctantly, I got an abortion, angry and ashamed I attempted suicide. God protected me. We later got divorced. 

I then said, okay I’m a single mom. I’m going to give my son everything that I never had. We are going to move into a nice safe neighborhood in the suburbs, we did. I put him in a great daycare and in a great school district.  We had gotten back in church, and I was again serving the Lord, doing evangelistic work, singing and trying to stay on the right path.  I was now working three jobs and I purchased my first home. I wanted to give my son the experience of having a home of our own to live in. My son played several sports and did well in school. He graduated from Colonie High School then went on the Penn State and on to Syracuse University. He graduated and went to work in the downstate area.  By this time I was engaged and attending church upstate and downstate as my fiancé lived in New York City.

Three or so years later, my car broke down, I ended up reconnected to an old church where I met new people and became the co-founder of an evangelical ministry.  I began to pour my heart into it.  But I couldn’t connect to the Lord like I desired/needed to.

I began questioning my life and sadly, I pushed away from the people that truly loved me.  As drama, lies, and deception began to surround me… I shut off all social communication and desperately began a search for the TRUTH, no more lies, and deception.

I continued working a couple of jobs, volunteering, coordinating and participating in the ministry events, exercising, attending church and traveling to New York City with a smile.  But inside, I was hurting and quickly dying. I am going to die, I said to myself.

While sitting one evening, I remembered Proverbs 8. I had read it a few times and wanted more, so I looked online to see if I could find a TRUE teaching on it.  After a few searches, I was led to Apostle Johnny Ova on YouTube teaching Proverbs 8.  I began to listen, as soon as the teaching started I knew I had found the TRUTH. Everything within me that was quickly dying came to full life.  I listen to the teaching over and over and over each time being more renewed.  I knew I had to get to this church, I had to get to these people, I had to be under this covering and anointing.  I let them know I was coming.  I looked up the address and I set out on a path to get there as soon as possible.  A few trains and cabs later, I stood at the entrance of Sound of Heaven Church.  When I walked through the doors I knew I was home.  I was immediately surrounded by transparent, loving people.  Jesus dwelt in the midst of them and in their hearts. The teachings were pure TRUTH on FIRE.  I felt forgiven and freed.  Before the afternoon came to a close, I received a Facetime call from Apostle Johnny and First Lady Apostle Rachel greeting me, telling me how sorry they were to have missed me and how happy they were that I had come and looked forward to seeing me the next time I visited.  Now I am no longer dying!  I’m back to being the best mom I can be to my son and I am free, forgiven and restored in continued service to My Father in heaven and his people now under this anointed covering of truth.  Thank you, Jesus, and, thank you for my SOH Family.