Christian Hull 1

What it was like before I got saved!

I was the youngest of four adopted children from birth into a strong Roman Catholic family. I was loved from day one, and have always felt loved. I always attended church as a child, and I have come to realize that I accepted what I was taught about God, but was unsure if I believed it.

At 30 years old I had my last drink, after falling asleep behind the wheel of my car. I’ve been sober ever since. However, I never gave God credit, He deserves credit!

I had done something I thought was unforgivable. A friend reached out to me and told me that I could recommit myself to walking with Jesus at any time. I really was not sure what she meant about being baptized, because I had already made my sacraments.  I never understood the part of having a relationship with Jesus.

I was open to anything at that point and attended my first church service at the Sound Of Heaven. My beautiful best friend brought me there! The next Sunday I came back by myself, curious, lost, with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Apostle Rachel was worshiping and she asked if there was anybody in the crowd who didn’t feel worthy of Christ’s love, forgiveness or anything to that nature. She said I didn’t have to come up. That she would come to me! With eyes closed and hands up she came to me and I poured my heart out to her, confessing what happened in my life to get me here. She laid her hands on me and decreed and declared over me! Something was lifted off of me at that moment. I knew from that moment that I could stand up and be a man and face anything with Jesus.

I walk with Jesus, Jesus is love and mercy and forgiveness!

Since that day I’ve never turned back! Serving God has become the center of my life! That is the best way I can put it. I know who I am, I know why I’m here. I pray to God that I can help others to experience the same love that I have in Christ. The people He has placed in my life help me grow and achieve my true potential.