Celeste Cruz 1

I first met Jesus at a very young age. My mother, grandfather and grandmother made sure I knew exactly who Jesus was. As I grew older, I still remembered who He was, but I have to say I really didn’t know Him. I lost my grandmother, whom I loved when I was 17. Then at 21 I lost my grandpa and then with devastation a few months later, I lost my mom. She was my song, my heartbeat. So, I did what every other lost 21 year old did. I made really wrong choices and buried my anger, bitterness, loneliness in anything and anyone else.

Then it happened. 3 years later. Someone invited me to church. Their exact words were, “if you don’t come, I’ll go to your house and drag you there myself”. So, I went. I remember sitting there and hearing the message but what really grabbed me was the HUGE engraving, banner if you will on the wall that said, Mark 11:22- Have Faith in God. I could hear the voice of God, His hand of forgiveness, love, mercy reaching my broken heart.

I attended a Women’s meeting, and the teaching was on the Proverbs 31 Woman, I thought to myself who was this lady?? I admired her!But, I didn’t just get to know Jesus, He and I began our relationship. Then, within a few weeks, I began dating my Jr High crush, Jimmy Cruz. Fast forward. Jimmy and I have been married, in love, and blessed for 29 years. We have two amazing daughters who serve the Lord with their gifts of music, joy and laughter, a wonderful son in law, and four, soon to be five grandchildren who bring me joy beyond measure.

All I can say is, God heals the broken hearted. He became my song, my heartbeat. He sent His Son to be the calm, the peace in the midst of the storm. All we need to do is listen and follow. Sound of Heaven is a family, not a church, where we come together to love one another, listen to one another, encourage one another and so much more. It is an extension of the hand and heart of Christ that we all need, reminding us that we are never alone.