Ceasar Santos 1

My name is Ceasar I’m 45 and found God proudly by being broken by anger, fear, and drugs. I began using pills cocaine and heroine in 2018. My mind was being destroyed by regret and fear and eventually led to this choice.

I shut myself out to my family, the woman I loved and even my children. As the drug use spiraled out of control so did my anger. I became violent and skeptical of anyone and anything. Ironically a peculiar series of events backed me into a corner and a dear friend who was saved directed me to a faith-based program to help me. I had no idea what I was in for being a man who could never commit to a faith let alone anything that would change me.

In the end, it was the love of Jesus that led me to the cross. I know this because nothing has ever changed me before. Not like this. I encourage anyone who is skeptical to treat this with this same open mind as we say before we surrender to commitment. Ask around. Listen. And hear the story of how God is real and moving in our lives.