Resume Writing Workshop


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Instructor- Rachel Conliffe
Army Veteran/Human Resources


Rachel Conliffe, an army veteran, has worked 17 years as a Human Resources Administrator. After a successful career helping college students and their parents, Rachel now helps individuals and families understand the ins and outs of Financial Aid, Scholarships, and choosing a major along with coaching individuals through employment transitions, searching for a new career, and re-evaluating your skill set.

Rachel enjoys encouraging others in their purpose and managing a small team of women to create workshops and resources to support her local community development.


Rachel has taught resume writing workshops for St John’s and Hofstra University.

What to expect at this workshop:
1.  Learn what companies look for in the hiring process. Learn what they want to see.
2. How to craft your job experience to fit specific jobs you are looking at.
3. Have to have the right “keywords” on your resume.
4. Learn the do’s and don’ts for your email addresses and voicemails.
5. Learn how to deal with employment breaks.
6. You will receive a free packet with ready to go templates to create your perfect resume.
7. You will also receive templates of cover letter’s for specific jobs in your packet too.

Change your thoughts. Change your words. Change your life!

Rachel is great! Who knew there were so many advantages and tricks to your resume that could land you a great job? So glad I made this decision.

Brad S.

I learned so much from Ms C! I really needed help putting a resume together so I can find a job. Sitting through Ms C’s training I was able to put together a resume that gave me options of which job I wanted to take.

Emily L.