The History of The Sound of Heaven

So now you get to learn about where it all started at Sound of Heaven. SOH was founded by our leaders, Apostles Johnny & Rachel Ova. God had a plan for them bigger than they could’ve imagined. Let us briefly introduce you to them.

Johnny Ova is a former professional wrestler who became a Christian at the age of 17 years old. 

Rachel Ova was a Christian her entire life and is a 3rd generation worship leader with a passion to help lead God’s children to a deeper worship experience.

They truly believe that God has them together for the greater purpose of the Gospel. God is doing something new within His body and this “new wineskin” is going to do great exploits for the Father.

Where It Alllllll Began...

Sound of Heaven was planted in 2011 when God gave Johnny and Rachel a vision for Long Island. Johnny was already an itinerant minister training Churches in Evangelism. Rachel was a worship leader and overseer of a youth group from a local Long Island Church. Johnny was working for the government and Rachel was in school to be a music teacher but when God had called them in 2011 the mission was clear and they both gave up on those jobs to be full time in ministry.

They truly believed a Reformation was coming to the Church and were ready to be used by God to help accomplish this. They began holding meetings in a home casting the vision of what God wanted to do and eventually found a humble warehouse where they opened the doors to Sound of Heaven back in July of 2011. God was looking for a Church that was ready to go and win the lost by any means necessary. A multitude of people that would be willing to love and pour into people and then teach them to do the same. This wouldn’t be a “normally structured” church but a Biblically based one.

Fun Fact: Why did you name the Church Sound of Heaven?

I love this story! Before Johnny and Rachel were engaged they were invited to a church to support one of their friends who was ministering. Johnny and Rachel had only ministered one time together previously. With that being said God was putting on their hearts to plant a Church. They began discussing this with their mentors and were praying on a name. They knew the mission but wanted a name but back to the service. The service was wrapping up and the man ministering began praying for people for healing and a man had come up with cerebral palsy. I’ll let Johnny express what happened from here.

“As they were praying for this man I thought no, just command him to be healed. Use the authority God has given you. The woman overseeing the event turns to the crowd and points to Rachel and asks her, “Do you play the keyboard?” Rachel nods her head and then the woman asks her to come up and play. Rachel begins to play the song “Healing Rain Is Falling Down.” Then she turns to me and says, “Do what you are called to do.” This blew me away because healing is a huge part of the ministry God has given me. So I walked up there and the man was laying down. The other ministers stepped away and I grabbed his leg in my hand (now mind you, his legs were 2 metal canes) and I began to pray over his legs. As I was praying his leg began to bend over my hand and the place erupted in praise towards Jesus. As crazy as this sounds, we helped the man up and leaning on our shoulders, he began to walk bending his legs. I remember this so vividly because Rachel had never seen anything like this before, but honestly, this should be the norm and we knew God was just getting started. Our friend who was ministering grabbed the microphone and turned to Rachel and said, “It’s like every time you open your mouth, it’s like a Sound of Heaven is coming out.” 

BOOM! There it was. We had been praying for a Church name and were thinking about “Selah” but when this man released this. We both knew immediately this was it. When we gather, it will be a Sound of Heaven.”

Apostle Rachel Leading Worship in Jamaica With Children In an Orphanage

Apostle Johnny leads a spontaneous service on a cruise ship and people get saved and healed

Apostle Johnny and Pastor Jason (with the SOH Team) walk a 10 ft cross from MSG to Montauk Point leading hundreds to Jesus.

Sound of Heaven feeds 600 families over the holidays.

Johnny and Pastor Bobby on TBN with the late Carman. 

Johnny teaching and praying for the kids at Masters Commission. 

The Focus...

Over the last 10 years the Sound of Heaven ministry has expanded from a little warehouse of 10 people to a global powerhouse for the kingdom of God. They have moved on from that little warehouse to a larger location in Deer Park where they where they broadcast digitally to thousands of Christians per week. Not mention an incredible children’s ministry.

Sound of Heaven has also been a thread in the community. We continually serve our community with food and clothing outreaches, grief support, one on one counseling and discipleship, COVID-19 relief and much more.

SOH has also had trainings for wealth gain and management, real estate, life empowerment, racial injustice awareness, sex trafficking awareness, pro- life educational seminars to name a few. 

As you can see, we are busy and we love it! We love watching the lives of people transform through the knowledge of Jesus and watch that empower people to make our community and society a better place. All while giving all honor to Jesus Christ.

Sound of heaven featured on 106.1 BLI for all of their work during COVID-19

A cool Bapstism highlight video from 2019

Here is a powerful clip of the SOH Worship team. Worship is the heartbeat of this Church.