You may find out that Sound of Heaven is not a "traditional church". Well, that depends how far back you are willing to go in church history. We look to the biblical book of Acts which displays a church that was structured to empower believers. It was a movement that crossed cultural lines and united behind one truth. That truth is that God is Love and He made a way to Him for all of humanity though Jesus.

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Sound of Heaven is a 5 fold apostolic ministry.  What does that mean?  In the book of Acts and as evident in Paul’s letters, the early church set out to impact the known inhabited world by spreading the Gospel, teaching and making disciples and ultimately empowering people to become what God called them to be.


The Bible tells us of 5 gifts present in the early church which were given to strengthen the congregation.  First mentioned was the Apostle.  Apostle simply means “sent one” or “missionary”.  Basically, an Apostle is someone who is called to a region or segment of the population to bring understanding of the love of God to the people.   Part of the call is training others to do the same.  An Apostle is pioneer, presenting all the amazing possibilities that God has to offer.  What area of life are you an Apostle?


The early church also had prophetic people.  God is always talking to his church. A Prophet is someone who is in tune with God’s voice and advises on the direction of the church, individually and corporately.  This is a gift open to all, even today. If you pray, hopefully you expect a response.  God often speaks in a still voice guiding you on where to go.  That is a commonplace for a prophet.


An Evangelist is a “Messenger of Good News”.  Did you ever meet someone who couldn’t stop talking about Jesus, God and all the amazing things that Heaven has to offer?  That is likely someone with the gift of an Evangelist.  This role is vital to introducing new believers to Christianity and also a gift available for for all people of faith.


The gift of a Pastor helps to care for a congregation.  This is someone who has a heart for people that goes beyond even the normal concern.  A Pastor is a trusted person who can lend an encouraging word, listen and offer solutions to life’s challenges from a biblical perspective.  It is someone that has dedicated their lives for the well-being of other people.  Hopefully, we all have a bit of a Pastoral gift inside of us.


Teacher is the final, but equally important, part of a ministry.  A teacher can deliver God’s word in a way that can be understood, but most importantly applied to everyday life.  A Teacher helps to make the bible come to life.


These gifting are all part of the Apostolic (sent) 5 fold (people with gifts) ministry.  When these 5 characteristics are present, it makes for a strong church that is prepared to do great things.  Sound of Heaven is committed to establishing these type of churches throughout Long Island and beyond to further advance the knowledge that God’s love is available for all.

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