Holy Saturday 2018

Evangelism – Walking the Cross

On March 30, 2018, the Sound of Heaven Evangelism hit the street and ministered in Deer Park.  We often walk the cross on Good Friday to symbolize the day that our Lord and Savior Jesus gave His life.  The testimonies from years past are amazing.  Good Friday is a day to reflect and carrying a 7 foot cross through public is often received with a welcome. This year, however, our efforts were postponed until Saturday.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed but knew that whenever we set out to evangelize, that God is faithful to do something amazing.  He did not disappoint. We set out from the new building on Commack Rd at about 10am.  It was exciting to see the new construction.  Moving toward the Tanger Outlets, we encountered another local Pastor who reminded us of 2 things.

  1. That Good Friday was over and…
  2. that Jesus didn’t have a wheel on His cross

“Jesus didn’t have a wheel!”

All of us laughed out loud because this mirrored a discussion earlier in the morning.  Those of us who have walked the cross before have heard the familiar “Jesus didn’t have a wheel.”  It’s a great conversation starter.  We had a good conversation with the Pastor and went on our way. Holy Saturday Body imageAfter being reminded that it was in fact not the day the Lord was on the cross, I began to reflect on Holy Saturday.  As Christians, we rightfully and solemnly focus on Good Friday for the amazing sacrifice.  Imagine what the disciples must have experienced watching Jesus suffer at the hands of both Israel and Rome. On Sunday, we rejoice when we celebrate the Resurrection.  Jesus has risen!  Death has been destroyed.  The promise of Jesus and the prophets had been fulfilled.  What a glorious occasion that we still honor today.

What about Saturday?

But what about Saturday?  What was it like for the followers of Jesus that day?  Just 24 hours before, the man they touted as the Messiah, their Savior, was killed and placed in a tomb.  Like a nightmare, the image of Jesus being crucified must have played over and over in their minds.  The disciples must have wrestled with the temptation to doubt all the promises that Jesus made.  Did it mean that they had believed for nothing?  Their outlook in the physical looked grim, but today we know that in the Spiritual, a way was being made for them to achieve their purpose in this life and the next. Holy Saturday 2018 - Walking the Cross 1I realized that we all are faced with our own equivalent to Holy Saturday.  How many of us have heard the promisesof God only to see the enemy try and destroy it?  Sometimes when we are waiting for them to be fulfilled, everything around us appears to deny that they ever will.  But as we say in the church….  Sunday is coming.  If we hold fast to our faith in God, we will experience His promises, but we’ll have to get past the days where it appears that all is lost. We have to survive our Good Friday, endure the uncertainty of our Holy Saturday and rejoice in our Resurrection on Sunday.

In Galatians, Paul writes….

And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary. Gal 6:9

Holy Saturday 2018March 30th, the Sound of Heaven team met many people who were in the midst of their Holy Saturday.  They were waiting for their promises to come true.  Some admitted that they had struggled with suicidal thoughts.  Others expressed worry about their future.  We prayed for many of them.  One man, although he rejected prayer, stated that he went to church often but was dealing with sickness.  We encouraged him to trust God and not to lose heart. I was extremely proud of the evangelism team.  They were the hands eyes and ears of God once again. Jesus may not have had a wheel, but he had a message.  We are committed to carrying that message to the Long Island region and beyond. Join us and keep believing in God.  Your Sunday is coming! Jason Koch D’Ambrosio Evangelist Learn more about the Sound of Heaven Evangelism Team Want to get involved?  Contact us.