Evangelism Testimony – Ken Maxwell

One of the most powerful testimonies we can encounter is when someone accepts Jesus, gets free of their bondage, and develops a passion to see others do the same.  Recently, while evangelizing in Wyandanch, NY, Sound of Heaven member Ken Maxwell testified to the satisfaction he felt returning to the area where he struggled victorious through Christ. When we give our lives to God, He will equip us to triumphantly return to the places where we almost lost it all and take back what the enemy stole from us.  It is often a cliché that “Your test will be your testimony”, but this isn’t just a cute christian saying.  Jesus came to set the captives free.  Once we are free, we have the power to use our experiences to show others that with God ALL things are possible.
Things could have been very different for Ken, but he chose to trust God.  That decision made all the difference.  Ken is no longer a prisoner, but a powerful example that through the saving power of Jesus there is never a situation where we cannot be redeemed. What areas have you struggled in the past?  Are you still struggling?  Remember, you are not alone.  With God, that could be the area of your greatest triumph. At Sound of Heaven, we want to hear your testimony.  We want to help you share it with the world. Contact us and let’s help you build that testimony by standing with you as you overcome your challenges.