Christina Koch D'Ambrosio



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Chrissy loves to… Cook gourmet vegan dishes

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Favorite Sport: Fantasy Football

Chrissy loves… Being a mom

Favorite Scripture: “For nothing will be impossible with God” Luke 1:37



Christina spent most of her childhood living in the Central Islip and Brentwood area of Long Island. Early in life, she spent many Sundays in church. Like many of us, when the challenges of adolescence and early adulthood hit, Christina found herself straying from her faith.She believed in God, but had trouble making the connection between her own life and how faith could effect it in a positive way.

Even as a successful single woman with a career in the insurance industry, Christina often struggled to find happiness. She knew that there had to be more to life. Seeking if that missing piece could be found in turning back to religion, she took the advice of a co worker to reach out to her son, Jason, who lived in Atlanta. After connecting through Social Media, they began studying the bible together by phone. It wasn’t long until an opportunity arose to attend a Long Island Christian church with a friend and after hearing the Gospel, Christina committed her whole life to God.

She eventually moved to Georgia and married Jason. Both served in the worship ministry and were ordained as Pastors at the Garden, a church in Atlanta dedicated to street Evangelism. In 2012, with their 2nd child on the way, God pulled them back to Long Island to continue their efforts. This is where they locked arms with Sound of Heaven just a few months after Apostles Johnny and Rachel started the movement and now serve as Evangelists.

Today, Christina is the blessed mother of 4 children with the 5th due in May 2018. She was ordained as a minister at Sound of Heaven in 2018 and oversees the ministry’s intercessory prayer team.