New Sound of Heaven Branding & Website

Can You See It? 1

Sound of Heaven has a new look! As you may notice, we have revamped the SOH website and the branding. This is perfect timing as we prepare to move into our new location in May 2018. As has always been the case, we plan on leveraging the power of the internet to reach the world around us.

Why is branding important?

The Gospel is about reaching people. Branding can help to attract attention to a message, which gives the opportunity to engage and convert visitors into disciples. Check out our new look!

SOH – Full Logo

The main Sound of Heaven logo has changed. There are several versions, the first being the complete name in logo.

Can You See It? 2

SOH – The Sound Wave

Second, you will notice the sound waves in the “O”. This symbolizes so many things. The sound of worship, praise, declarations of His glory and our testimonies are all audible celebrations that echo the heavenly realm.

Can You See It? 3

SOH – Heaven and Earth

The next logo is something that we are excited about because it is subtle but speaks volumes to what we believe here at SOH. You’ll notice the “A” and the “V” in the full name logo appear as Roman style letters that resemble an arrow up and and arrow down. This is no coincidence. At Sound of Heaven, we believe that Christians operate in the ever-present Kingdom of God. We believe that when we come together, we can honor God to the extent that Heaven touches earth. It is in that type of environment where lives are transformed, deliverance takes place and the impossible is possible. This holds true for your life as well. If you are willing to believe and pursue God, then nothing is impossible for you. Your life on earth will have the evidence of your place in Heaven. Look through the site and give us feedback! Like what you see and want some Sound of Heaven gear? Shop now!

Can You See It? 4