Struggling with the loss of a loved one? We are here for you!

Sound of Heaven is offering a 6-week Bereavement group that will begin Saturday, October 19th starting at 9:15am.

We invite you to attend the first session of our 6 week Bereavement support group starting Saturday, October 19th at 9:15 a.m in Deer Park, NY.

Have you lost a grandparent, parent, spouse, aunt, uncle, sibling, close friend, or another adult loved one? These losses affect us all in very different, personal ways.


The good news is that in the midst of the trauma, you can move on, realign your life, and succeed by working through your grief. The worst thing you can do is ignore your right to grieve. Help is available when you share your feelings with others facing the same or similar issues.


That’s what our bereavement support group is designed to do. No one can tell you how to grieve or how long, but a structured support group will help you learn the seven stages of grief, your rights as one grieving, understand group rules and guidelines, identify common elements of grieving, and more. Participants encourage each other with the facilitator’s guidance.


Group meetings will run for six to eight weeks, and a personal workbook will provide topics that will help you navigate through this valley of change. These are not counseling sessions but shared support meetings, which include Scriptural reinforcement to keep grieving in line with faith-based perspectives. Know that you are not alone!


We invite you to attend the first session on Saturday, October 19th at 9:15 a.m. for a general informational discussion regarding what to expect from your facilitator and the meetings, which will last one hour or slightly longer depending on group activity. Call Russ at 631-595-2137 to inquire further and/or confirm attendance. If you miss him, leave a message, and he’ll get back to you promptly. Smaller groups are more workable, so it’s important to monitor group size.

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About Your Facilitator, Russ Sacco

Russ Sacco- Bereavement
Russ with his late wife, Rose

Russ Sacco, a non-denominational ordained minister since 1989, has attended Sound of Heaven Church for nearly five years. Although having held the position of Assistant Pastor in a small congregation, his ministry has always fostered one-on-one intervention through singing outreach and diverse creative skills.

However, more importantly, he has had to work through his own grief after the sudden loss of his wife, Rose, just before celebrating forty-three years of marriage. After thinking he would be able to handle his grief on his own, the need to seek out assistance became more evident as time passed.

Russ originally connected with a church grief counselor, which was helpful but limited. He then found an eight-week group. The openness and sincere sharing of participants there was extremely helpful. Having the chance to discuss feelings with others in a non-judgmental environment helped initiate the healing process.

Russ was then referred to a pastor overseeing a thirteen-week group because that church felt his input would benefit others. This proved to be an additional opportunity for healing, ministering, and personal growth.

Russ then assisted two other support groups sharing his own experiences and accumulated resources with group facilitators. Participants from several previous groups have continued informal support by trying to stay in touch. Meeting new friends having much in common has been a positive result. Russ also attends a widowed breakfast group on a monthly basis.

Participants can expect Russ to be sensitive and attentive as a facilitator while being a participant who continues to strengthen his own healing.

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