In the Wilderness Sermon Series | Evangelist Jason D’Ambrosio

in the wilderness bible part 1

Getting Through Times of Transition In the Wilderness Bible Sermon Series Life can be an amazing journey, but there are times where we can feel like we are wandering.  Seasons of transition are inevitable, especially after we make major decisions, have a personal breakthrough (deliverance), or commit to a deeper walk with God. In a […]

Deliverance for the 21st Century Church | Apostle Johnny Ova

the setting free

“The Setting Free” Sermon Series 4 Powerful Deliverance Sermons | Apostle Johnny Ova Throughout the course of humanity, God has always made a way for His people to be delivered from the bondages in that seek to hold them captive.  In the 21st century, the Almighty Father still gives those who trust Him a path […]

5 Biblical Life Lessons from Geese

Canadian Geese facts Silly Goose

“You Silly Goose!” | Here are 5 Life Lessons from Geese Actually, God didn’t make you or anyone else a silly goose. In truth, we can learn 5 important life lessons from geese, especially when we watch them fly overhead in formation. The source of our Canadian geese facts comes from the research of Rev. […]